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Colorado’s Success in Preventing Unintended Pregnancy

Since 2009 an increased investment to improve access to birth control education and services to women of all ages has led to astonishing results in Colorado including:

  • 54% drop in the teen births,

  • 63% decrease in teen abortions, and

  • $66M+ in avoided public health related costs.  [Source: CDPHE] 

And what matters most are the thousands of women (and their partners), represented by these numbers, who avoided an unintended pregnancy that could have delayed or derailed their educational, career, family and/or life goals. 

What is at Risk:


More than 325,000 women in Colorado are in need of publicly funded birth control methods and family planning services.

Recent federal policy changes and proposals threaten their ability to access and afford those services including:


  • Birth Control Mandate Rollback: 30,000 women in Colorado are at risk for losing contraceptive coverage in insurance provided through their employer, 

  • Community Health Centers (CHC): 20 CHCs with 100+ clinical sites in 61 of the 64 counties serving 700,000 Coloradans face a 70% reduction in program funding,

  • Eliminate Title X Funding: Title X is the only federal grant program dedicated to providing the full range of birth control methods and related preventive care. 55,000 Coloradans receive family planning services from 69 clinics funded by Title X 

  • Reverse Medicaid Expansion: funding that provided women’s health services to 100,000+ women is under threat by the ACA repeal efforts and budget negotiations.

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