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Lighting Up Lives in Tanzania!

In February, We Care Solar launched the Solar Suitcase program in Sengerema, Tanzania in partnership with Global Health Foundation and Pathfinder International to bring light into 30 delivery rooms in rural health clinics.


We Care Solar Field Training Achievements:

  • Conducted a Training the Trainer workshop with 14 staff participants from Pathfinder International and Sengerema District in the installation and use of the Solar Suitcase,

  • Supervised the workshop participants who installed Solar Suitcases at 8 health clinics,

  • Trained 56 healthcare workers and facility staff to use the Solar Suitcase, and

  • Identified local suppliers for batteries and solar panels.

The workshop participants will continue to install Solar Suitcases in the remaining 22 clinics over the next few months!

#wecaresolar #tanzania #pathfinderinternational

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