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Success Story: Triplets!

Kampala, Uganda

Mulago National Referral Hospital 

Embrace Infant Warmer & Kangaroo Mother Care

In 2014, the collaboration between Global Health Foundation and Embrace  

 equipped five wards with the infant warmers, supported more than 700 babies at risk for, or experiencing, hypothermia and trained nearly 500 mothers, caregivers and healthcare workers on identifying and treating newborn hypothermia.  

Young mother Brenda Nalubega gave birth to premature triplets at Mulago National Referral Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, in July 2014. The two girls weighed just 1.6kg and 1.5kg; the boy weighed only 1.3kg.


The tiny size of Brenda’s infants put them at risk for hypothermia. But the well-trained staff in Mulago Hospital’s Special Care Unit (the equivalent of the NICU) immediately recognized this risk and placed the three tiny infants into Embrace infant warmers.


Once Brenda had recovered from the delivery, she and her husband were given side-by-side training on hypothermia awareness and Kangaroo Mother Care. The new parents were thrilled to take an active part in keeping their babies warm and healthy, and appreciated the Embrace warmer as a way to keep their tiny infants warm when they were unable to perform KMC themselves.

Embrace Infant Warmer

Embrace’s portable and easy to use infant warmer is extremely effective
in treating and preventing hypothermia and is less than 1% of the cost
of a standard incubator.

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